About us

The sea has always been  the central point in my life ; I started as a seaman and made my career up to captain .

 I have to admit it was before the age of GPS. A sextant and a cronometer was then still the main navigation tool and decca and  loran  were  “ aids to navigation” .  

During  a career on the waterfront as  Marine Surveyor , the call of saltwater remained and I took up sailing.  In 2005 after a few years of chartering, we bought our first boat; a nauticat 32,a fantastic little boat; it brought us around all the coasts of  Europe from mid Norway to Turkey and back. 

In 2011   the concept of the Rih Malti was born .

I don’t know how many miles I sailed in my life but it must be over a 100000 Towing miles as master on  ocean going tugs and  a 40000 miles on sailing yachts  Deep Sea.

There is a symbiosity between Tug Navigation and sailing ;  both require a  similar weather and route planning , both are affected by wind, seas and swell, both are sitting ducks when the weather is too harsh, so ;"stay out of trouble  if you can “ is the approach that I have  .

As a marine surveyor  safety  and risk assessment has a different meaning . It means to identify your risks and make sure you can mitigatye or correct them . 

We made a round of the Atlantic  in 2012 till 2014  and visited   Faroer and  West Scotland and W Ireland in 2015 . 

2016 we travelled around between Portugal  the Azores and Madeira. 

Since 2017  Santa Maria Malbusca is my new home.